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Award winning nursing pillow
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What people are saying

This pillow is amazing. It blows the boppy out of the water. First, it is extremely soft and second it's nice and plush and supports even little babies. I was getting so frustrated with the boppy when it sunk down to my lap as soon as I put my baby up to my chest. I visited a lactation specialist at the hospital and these are the pillows they had. This pillow made things much easier which meant a happy mamma and baby!

Kimberly A. Knighton

The size is great. It even fits around my husband when he holds the baby. Used it while nursing (bought two to keep one upstairs and one downstairs), used it to help my son sit up when he couldn't by himself, and still use it today for my almost two year old to read books to on my lap before bedtime. I give it as a gift to all my friends at their baby shower. Love it!

Amy Koller Bilson


Our Mission

It is our goal to instill confidence in parents and to minimize stress by enabling you to easily and consistently soothe, comfort and nurture your baby. We are here to help you, and we are honored to be a part of your celebration as you welcome your baby from womb to world.

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