An intimate expression of love is so distinctively unique and yet so universally diverse. In other words, there is more than on way to show your love and there is more than one way to say those three greatly-needed words all humans hunger to hear: "I love your".

In celebration of the month of February's "Love" theme, Luna Lullaby shares an expression of love with its specially-formed nursing pillow that conforms to mom and baby bringing a sense of peace and relaxation, basking in the bonding like a new form of 'pillow talk'.

And even before baby arrives, mom will enjoy a wonderful night's sleep as a maternity pillow. Nothing says 'Love" like sleep.

There's another reason why this pillow speaks Love.

Evidence-based research conducted by a speech pathologists, the Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow creates the perfect position for mom to raise her baby up to breast level, making the latch-on process easier. The unique V-shaped pillow comfortably and unconditionally accepts moms of any/all sizes. The only size that matters is the size of the heart as the love for baby grows. 

February 10th is 'Send in the Love' Day ---- Luna Lullaby opens its heart for you to send us your expressions of love pics to and we will post these pictures on our Instagram and Facebook. Please participate and send those pictures because our followers and others Love to be apart of the positive vibe that Love brings to us all.  

February 11, 2019 — Dana Doss

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