When you’re making a purchase for you and your baby, or for a loved one who’s expecting, you want only the best. At Luna Lullaby, we’ve spent time and dedication to craft the best nursing pillow on the market, making a breastfeeding cushion that’s softer, more plush, and better conforms to you and your child. But don’t take our word for it — see what so many have to say about our Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow!


Amazon reviews: 5 stars fantastic! Love this pillow ByBooon April 5, 2017 Color: Grey/White|Verified Purchase FANTASTIC! Love this pillow, so great for nursing, and the baby doesn't outgrow it immediately like they do with the boppy.

5 stars Super soft and can be used for head and shoulders ... ByDaniella W.on March 3, 2017 Verified Purchase A life saver or rather sleep saver . Super soft and can be used for head and shoulders or between knees for me because I am tall and is a great prop for nursing. I will use this pillow forever I even brought it to the hospital.
5 stars MUST HAVE!! ByBaseballMom7on April 11, 2016 Verified Purchase This is a MUST for any moment nursing or not. This pillow was so great especially after my c-section. My husband even liked it so much we bought another to use for road trips to cushion arms to read. I've bought 4 for my personal use and it's my go to baby shower gift. I get rave reviews from my friends that love this pillow
5.0 out of 5 stars This pillow is amazing. It blows the boppy out of the water By Kimberly A Knighton January 8, 2016 Verified Purchase This pillow is amazing. It blows the boppy out of the water. First, it is extremely soft and second it's nice and plush and supports even little babies. I was getting so frustrated with the boppy when it sunk down to my lap as soon as I put my baby up to my chest. I visited a lactation specialist at the hospital and these are the pillows they had. This pillow made things much easier which meant a happy mamma and baby!
Samantha DeMart - "The Bosom Baby is amazing!! It is the only baby item that I have used every single day since my daughter was born 8.5 months ago. Every day, and multiple times a day at that! It makes nursing so comfortable and it was critical in helping me position he in helping me position her to get a good latch when she was first born. She was even tongue tied but still nursed like a champ even before we had it clipped, and I'm convinced that this pillow is part of the reason. Our pediatrician's office has you feed the baby at your three day appointment so that an IBCLC can evaluate how you're doing, and you can bet that I brought the Bosom Baby with me to that appointment! The NP giggled and told me that not many moms bring their own pillow, but I wasn't about to try to nurse without it that early on!" February 11, 2016 at 2:11am
Renee Altizer - "I've used the my breast friend and Boppy and the bosom baby. Frankly nothing compares to the bosom baby! It's comfortable and so easy to use. The breast friend is way too stiff and hard to move around. And the Boppy is definitely not big enough or comfortable. I can't wait to use the bosom baby with baby #2. I nursed our first while holding her every time Cuz I didn't have a good nursing pillow. Definitely excited about the bosom baby this time around!" February 10, 2015 at 10:44pm
Amy Koller Bilson -"The size is great. It even fits around my husband when he holds the baby. Used it while nursing (bought two to keep one upstairs and one downstairs), used it to help my son sit up when he couldn't by himself, and still use it today for my almost two year old to read books to on my lap before bedtime. I give it as a gift to all my friends at their baby shower. Love it!" February 10, 2014 at 9:02pm

"By far the best "baby" thing we ever bought. My daughter is four. She still naps on it. I nap on it. I use it to hold the iPad. She's currently resting on it with the iPad! Our entire family fights for this thing. Daily". Stephanie Hanchey Strom Houston, TX 02/10/2014 Facebook

"I received the Bosom Baby for a gift with my first baby born in December. Iwish I would of had this pillow in the hospital, so frustrating using all the hospital pillows. This nursing pillow is absolutely the best and I have bought 2 since for 2 friends. Best gift!" Amy Anderson Naples, FL 2/04/2014
"Best pillow EVER!! Amazing service, fast shipping, this is my third one.. Just love them. I highly recommend purchasing from this company :)" Audrey Kenwood, Salt lake city, UT 01/26/2014 08:35PM
"So much better than all the other nursing pillows! This pillow is so comfortable for me and for my baby. I used to have to stuff a blanket under my arms for support while using the Mombo. The Bosom Baby is perfect in all ways (as long as the filling doesn't collapse after months of use)". Kim Averill Moreno Valley,CA 12/11/2013 09:37PM
5.0 out of 5 stars / My favorite nursing pillow by far! Definitely worth the extra $$$, October 8, 2013 By heidichickadee "heidichickadee" (Carnation, WA, US) Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow, Turquoise Dot (Baby Product) "I rarely write reviews, but love this so much I had to! I have a long torso (am 5'7") & an "A" cup bra size when not nursing ;). I also have neck pain, so the ergonomics of nursing are really important to me. I have 2 kids & with the first used a boppy & several couch pillows. This time around I wanted to have a better nursing experience, and was especially motivated after I strained my neck using the boppy. The boppy is just too flat & leaves her 4-5" too low, so I was leaning forward a lot. After reading the reviews I got a Kushies because it mentioned in a review that it was taller & firmer & better for us long torsoed moms. I liked it a lot better than the boppy, because it's higher & firm & with a small blanket after a few minutes I can get her head positioned. I didn't like that the Kushies doesn't stay in place easily, so it would shoot forward periodically & we had to reposition a lot. So I got a Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby nursing pillow. it is awesome!!! It's perfect. I now only need one nursing pillow & no extra blankets. It's truly no fuss & my posture it great because my baby can finally reach my nipples. As an added bonus the cover is super soft & I love the color. Wish I just bought this first & not the cheaper ones". heidichickadee